What does SEM stand for and why is it an important component of digital marketing? In this brief article we'll help you learn about the different types of SEM campaigns and how each of them can be used to encourage search engines to bring more visitors to your website.

Last Updated: October 19th, 2023

Understanding Search Engine Marketing.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is an important component of every digital marketing strategy. Good SEM campaigns can be used to attract more visitors to a website by increasing site visibility within the result pages of popular internet search engines.

SEM Campaigns.

Normally employed as part of a wider digital marketing strategy, SEM campaigns can generally be organised into three distinct types. Each of these can be employed individually or collectively to market a website so that it ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs). Here is a brief summary of each type:

PPC Advertising.

Mostly employed as a short term SEM strategy, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a paid form of marketing, where publishers only pay a fee if users click on their advert. When it’s used with search engine providers, like Google, a group of relevant search terms (keywords) are chosen. Thereafter when someone searches for one, depending on a predetermined campaign budget, a link to your websites content is placed towards the top of the result pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Optimisation.

Before embarking on PPC advertising campaigns, we first recommend that you invest in search engine optimisation (SEO). This is because SEO is really sustainable in the long term. You can read more about why in the article linked below.

Why SEO Services Outperform Paid Advertising

SEO is all about tuning the performance of a website and tailoring its content for the things you want your business to be found for. The goal is to make it rank organically on SERPs, because the first organic results always get the most clicks.

Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. It’s the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant content to attract and retain an audience. When you create great content for your website, you’re also building trust and credibility, which can help to drive traffic when people find it through search engines.

SEM Services.

In today’s business landscape, search engine marketing is still vital for any business that wants lots of website visitors. So if you’re looking to improve your online visibility and reach more potential customers, a good SEM strategy is a great place to start. Hiring a digital marketing agency that can provide professional SEM services will deliver results and help you achieve your goals.

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