Following last years successful launch of our radio campaign for building and decorating brand Hippo. We're pleased to announce that we've been able to develop the concept and roll out a brilliant new radio commercial for another DIY product. In this article you can find out a bit about the project and listen to the advert.

By Published On: September 23rd, 2016

DIY Products Marketing.

For this DIY products marketing project, we had to create a new radio commercial for an all-in-one adhesive and sealant. Taking inspiration from one of our previous campaigns, our goal has been to make a strong impression on people and boost brand awareness in the construction, decorating, and DIY industries.

Hippo PRO3 Marketing.

Hippo PRO3 is an impressive adhesive and sealant. However, up until now, its capabilities have been a relative secret within its target market. Which is one of the reasons why our new radio advertising campaign will undoubtedly add value. The purpose of the new 30 second advert has not just been to build brand awareness for Hippo. But additionally we wanted to leave radio listeners in no doubt that PRO3 can quickly stick virtually anything anywhere.

Hippo PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler

Developing Colourful Characters For Radio.

For this project we decided to bring back and develop two colourful characters. We first introduced our stubborn home owner and hard working tradesman for our previously successful radio campaign to promote Hippos range of carpet protection products.

We decided that bringing back the memorable duo for a fresh episode, would be a great way to highlight the abilities of Hippo PRO3. This is because continuing themes across more than one campaign, nearly always adds value. So doing this tied in nicely with our objective to create a halo effect for Hippo and grow brand awareness.

Our catchy script exploits the premise of a demanding homeowner and the toils of a hard working tradesman, who is desperate to please him. During the commercial this troubled relationship is exaggerated, to produce a somewhat comical situation which highlights our DIY products marketing.

When the customer demands everything finished before the football starts! The advert quickly demonstrates that Hippo PRO3 is a great solution.

Radio Advertising.

The finished commercial is now regularly broadcast nationally in the UK on talkSPORT radio. At the time of writing, they claim to be the world’s biggest sports radio station, with a weekly audience greater than 3 million. However, the most important thing about talkSPORT, is that their listener demographic is perfectly aligned to the products target audience from the building, decorating and DIY market.

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