In one of our favourite projects to date and as part of a wider client campaign, targeted at professional builders and decorators. We've recently written and produced, a cheeky new radio commercial to promote the use of Hippo wet wipes.

By Published On: October 13th, 2017

Clean Your Act Up.

Commercial radio is currently heavily saturated with adverts for building and DIY products. And for this reason we’re proud to produce something new, which immediately grabs listener attention, by sounding a little bit different.

Clean Your Act Up

The new radio ad belongs to a wider marketing campaign. That is to say we’re also supporting the radio script with various press adverts, outdoor media and digital marketing elements.

We’ve worked on radio scripts with matching objectives before. Similarly helping Hippo create adverts that belong to a developing humour based series.

And, given that it’s always beneficial to capitalise on audience recollection, with this one we’ve suitably opted to welcome back the characters.

Relatable Humour.

For our new script, we’ve continued their character development, around the premise of an over demanding customer, and the toils of a downtrodden tradesman.

It’s relatable humour and, whilst almost awkward, it works really well on radio because of its intimate relationship with the most engaged listeners.

I’ve Been There.

This kind of content is great for brands because it taps into the innate ‘I’ve been there’ mentality, that we all have. Consequently by using this format for the new advert. Once again, we’ve been able to emotionally tie in a solution for the problem and reinforce it with Hippos “Bigger, Better Performance” strap line.

Radio Advertising on talkSPORT

The World’s Biggest Sports Station

The finished ad will be broadcast nationally on talkSPORT radio. At the time of writing, talkSPORT has a weekly audience greater than 3 million. And their listener demographic is perfectly aligned to the building, decorating and DIY market.

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