We’ve worked with outdoor media provider DrivenMedia to create an impressive truck advertising campaign for DIY brand Hippo. The campaign launched with straight forward objective: Increase brand recognition for Hippo across all demographics, by broadly reaching as many people as possible, every day.

By Published On: March 3rd, 2019
Outdoor Advertising

Giant Moving Billboards.

It’s hard to miss a giant moving billboard, especially when it’s a Hippo! And this campaign will feature a fleet of ten. However, for the best coverage, each trucks home depot has been carefully chosen. Making sure that, above all, the campaign can be seen across the entire national road network.

For the graphic design, we’ve made sure that the sides of each truck prominently feature eye catching Hippo branding. Similarly, to give instant clarity, the product imagery is big, bold and kept to a minimum.

The rears incorporate a contrasting advert. Trucks always seems to gather the most dirt at the back, so in short, we’ve incorporated an advert for Hippo cleaning wipes. This ties in nicely with the parallel radio campaign and perfectly complements the location of this design.

Live Positioning Data.

Always Know Where You Left Your Hippo!

Each truck is fitted with its own GPS tracker, which means live positioning data will always be available. In addition, by cross referencing this data with other statistics, we can monitor the impact of each individual ad. Typically, over the course of the campaign, the sides of each truck should be seen 35,000 times per day and the rears 20,000.

Giant Hippo Spotting.

During the course of this year long campaign, the trucks will spend more than 13,000 hours on the countries busiest roads. More importantly, with 38 million registered vehicles on UK roads, and 91% of occupants known to notice truck adverts. There should be plenty of people who look twice, when they see the normally rare site of a giant Hippo, in the adjacent motorway lane!

Make Your Own Lasting Impression.

You don’t need a fleet of trucks and a giant Hippo, to benefit from truck advertising. In other words, if you’d like to take advantage of giant moving billboards for your brand, then get in touch. Because we can consult on your strategy and provide some stand out graphic design.

Watch the video below, to see how the graphics for this truck advertising campaign, are fitted to a truck belonging to national haulier Pollock Ltd.

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