Six One Creative has launched new packaging for Hippo called ECO-PAC. The eco friendly foil sausage packaging will help challenge established mainstream brands, by disrupting their longstanding method for dispensing products, using single use plastic.

By Published On: September 20th, 2019

Better For The Environment.

By creating the ECO-PAC sub brand for Hippo it allows them to market this more eco friendly format, alongside identical products that exist in different packaging. Above all this means the name can become synonymous with foil sausages, before the bigger, more established sealant and adhesive manufacturers can pivot away from their plastic supply chains.

By exploiting the benefits of the new packaging, the marketing behind ECO-PAC will improve Hippos shelf presence within existing retailers. Whilst helping them gain better distribution by securing new stockists for their PRO, GRIPit and SEALit ranges.

Grab Your Sausage

ECO-PACs are better for the environment because they simply take up less physical space. Which means less carbon is created, on their way into and out of the supply chain. Above all they are made from aluminium foil instead of plastic.

So for everyone, the environmental benefits are huge. Which means selling ECO-PAC to large retailers and trade stockists, who mostly have responsibility targets for the environment, should present few challenges. In contrast with consumers, who’s habits present a different kind of challenge.

Bringing About Habitual Change.

Attempts to launch products with eco friendly packaging, have been made before in the building trade. With most professionals already understanding the need to be more responsible, some products have been successful. However, there have also been failures. Most happen when the product requires the user to change the way they do things. This is because, when the benefits are exclusively environmental, it’s difficult to change the way people habitually work. In other words, to make ECO-PAC successful, we know that incentives are going to be important.

Grab Your Sausage

Grab Your Sausage.

Embrace The Form Factor.

To embrace the new form factor and draw attention to it, we’ve come up with an eye catching campaign headline: Grab Your Sausage. Which the launch strategy for ECO-PAC has been built around, along with four simple, equally important objectives.

Grab Two Sausages Promotion
1. Share financial benefits with retailers.

We’ve created a merchandising package that includes educational POS, off shelf displays and educational videos. Retailers will benefit from this high impact, promotional noise, because it will drive the sales of more profitable products within the category.

2. Share financial benefits with consumers.

We’re positioning the RSPs for key 400ml ECO-PAC products to match their 290ml cartridge equivalents, with every ECO-PAC product priced to represent better value for money. In other words, consumers can get more product in eco friendly packaging for the same price as plastic. Therefore everyone benefits financially from the launch.

3. Share the environmental benefits

ECO-PAC was created to have dual meaning. Better PACkaging both ECOnomically and ECOlogically. With the financial benefits addressed, subtly driving home the environmental benefits across the campaign should convince consumers to try something new.

4. Celebrate the quality because theres a better way.

Instead of cheap, low quality skeleton guns synonymous with plastic cartridges. Sausages require a cylinder gun which is slightly more expensive. However they are capable of dual use and are more durable, which means they last longer. Research has showed us that, because of poor build quality, most professionals regularly have to replace broken cartridge applicator guns.

Grab Your Sausage

Rather than focusing on the need to use different equipment and risk creating a non existent barrier to purchase. Our marketing strategy is built around drawing attention to quality. We’re positively affirming, every element of the new form factor by educating consumers about its better quality, ease of use and all round sustainability. To deliver this, we’ve produced a sales support package that draws shoppers attention to an over riding message that “there’s a better way and its less expensive”.

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