Wondering what rights you hold to use and control your own website? In this article we offer a brief explanation about how this generally works. Alongside a few things you should always look out for when creating one. We'll also explain how copyright and website freedom works when you become a Six One Creative client.

Last Updated: October 17th, 2023

Understanding Website Ownership.

When it comes to website ownership, what rights do business owners really have to use and control their site and content? To answer the question of who owns my website, firstly imagine it as a house. The domain name is the address, the hosting is the land, the core software is the foundation, the theme is the exterior, and the content is the interior.

So just like a house, website ownership can be complicated, because of all the components required to make it functional. However in this case, many of these are covered by copyright law.

Copyright Protection.

Essentially your website is a business asset which is protected by copyright. Copyright is an automatic right assigned to the creator of any original creative work that is written down, recorded audibly or physically crafted.

This means that things like the text, images and media materials on your website will be owned by the person who created them. So if you hire a third party to do this work, they will be the copyright owner. Unless they have a policy (like ours) and hand it over on completion.

Intellectual Property Thief

Beware Template Services & Third Parties.

Warning. Be careful when using proprietary platforms like all inclusive template website services. They often lack the flexibility required for development growth and many lock down your website. This can make it impossible to ever move away without starting over.

Furthermore providers often retain copyright or the right to do whatever they like with your content. So always check the terms before setting out alone or agree a contract before commissioning any work. This is because it’s important to acknowledge that copyright ownership will transfer to your business once it’s satisfied.

You can learn more about website ownership from the Intellectual Property Office.

We Build Unchained Websites.

Unlike proprietary platforms who mostly own your content and lock you in, we build unchained websites. So when you commission us to create a website, you’re 100% in control. This is because we fundamentally believe every business should own and be in control of its content. Rather than existing online at the mercy of template hosting platforms and social media companies.

Industry Leading Open Source Software.

Our websites are built using WordPress as their core software. It’s the engine behind many of the world’s most popular websites, accounting for approximately 40% of all websites globally. WordPress is open source software, which means anyone can use it and modify it. And the WordPress Foundation is dedicated to ensuring open access to the software forever. So with WordPress, your website can easily be hosted anywhere on the internet.

Your Website Means Your Copyright.

Once you have settled your final account with us, as website designers and producers we make no claim to intellectual property around your websites content. Copyright for this is always passed to our clients. So you’re in charge of what you do next with your website.

Working With us is Hassle Free.

If you ever want to relocate your website to a new host, then we can help with migration services. Alternatively we can supply you with all the files that form your website, so that you can make your own arrangements. We also offer all inclusive website management packages. These encompass elements like SEO, content marketing, analytics, and administration, which help make website ownership trouble free.

Website Packages

  • Advertise and grow your business with a professional website for any audience demographic, designed and built just for you. Plus with everything that you need included, you can spread the cost over an entire year.

  • Sell products online with a custom built e-commerce website, designed just for you. Each package includes everything you need and with a low deposit, then nothing to pay until your site is live, you can spread payments over an entire year.

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