The Maneki Neko dates back to the 17th century and has since become a very popular symbol displayed throughout many businesses across the world. This renowned Japanese ornament, often in gold, is widely known as the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, or beckoning cat.

Last Updated: October 15th, 2023

Maneki Neko – The Beckoning Cat.

With a paw raised in a beckoning gesture, legend says that displaying Maneki Neko in your business premises, brings both luck and prosperity.

Contrary to popular belief the cat is not actually waving. In Japan, unlike western cultures, the way to beckon someone towards you is with palm forward and fingers pointing down.

Gold Makeni Neko

Legendary Origin Story.

While the iconic figurines might have varied origin stories, they all begin in Japan. And with their raised paw, Maneki Neko have been bringing in hope, luck and prosperity to people for centuries.

Lucky Website Software?

Because the lucky cat is notorious for bringing luck and prosperity to businesses, we decided to name an important component of our website software after Maneki Neko.

Custom WordPress Theme.

When we design and build websites, we create them using the incredibly versatile WordPress platform. WordPress is content management software which powers some of the worlds most popular websites and about 40 percent of all websites worldwide.

Working in conjunction with WordPress, Maneki Neko is our styling element. Often referred to as a theme, this plugin allows us to deliver highly customised and unique styling to all our client websites. So alongside its style, we like to think our lucky cat will bring prosperity for our clients.

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