The inexpensive Kobe website package is ideal for individuals, business start-ups and organisations who want to kick things off online with a rudimentary presence of their own. From its framework we’ll collaborate with you to create your own unrestricted website, with bespoke digital marketing services. Your marketing machine, professionally built and tailored just for you.

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Per Month For 12 Months
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Just for fun, this website package is named after the city of Kobe, which is the 7th largest city in Japan.

Your Custom Website That Won’t Break the Bank.

Say goodbye to ordinary templates and hello to an economically viable, tailor-made online presence. Kobe offers you the freedom to independently own a professionally built website, free from the restrictions imposed by DIY platforms.

Start Now & Pay Later.

With our flexible payment structure, the cost of your new website is divided into 12 manageable monthly instalments. Plus you’ll only start making payments once your website is publicly published. 

Professionally Designed To Stand Out Online.

Unlike DIY platforms which require you to become an overnight web design expert, we understand that your time and energy are precious. So we handle every aspect of the custom process to bring your venture to life online.

Everything You Need To Showcase Your Organisation.

The Kobe package comes with all the facilities and services that you need to get your website online, including managed web space on our high speed servers. All of which are located in the United Kingdom.

Worry Free Operations Management.

We’ll take care of the technical stuff, so you can work without interruption. Get more done while we manage the back panels of your domain hosting account and website. We’ll provide full technical support and keep everything secure.

Optimised For Search Engines.

We will technically optimise your website and its content, so that it can be found organically on search engines. Helping you to attract more visitors and provide a great user experience.

Digital Marketing Services.

As standard basic digital marketing services are included to establish an essential base for you to scale from. These include search engine performance tracking, which will help you develop organic traffic. And contact capture, for building an audience from your website visitors.

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Each of the benefits and incentives below are standard with everything we do.