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Stand Out From The Crowd.

What’s the point of having a gorgeous website that no one looks at? Rather than leaving the online visibility of your business down to pure luck. Instead you can hire us to manage your content proactively.

In a nutshell, our content management service is all about making sure your website brings in loads of relevant people from search engines.

Features & Benefits

Content Management Computer

We help maximise your content to attract more visitors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Optimising your website for search engines, using an SEO service, is the best and most sustainable way to bring in traffic. This is because search results get far more clicks than PPC adverts and the results continue, even after you stop paying. Read the article below to learn more.


Keep things polished with regular health checks


We perform regular audits on your website to make sure it’s performing well, can be easily crawled by search engines and is error free.


Enjoy marketplace and competitor insights


By detecting and monitoring your online competitors. We’ll observe their keywords and traffic volume, making direct comparisons with yours.


Receive intelligence based marketing recommendations


Based on research, you’ll get fresh content recommendations. And we’ll identify, implement and develop a keyword strategy to meet your objectives.


We optimise, schedule and post your content


We’re your SEO editor, so all your content will be optimised for relevant keywords and we’ll make sure its easy to read.


Aquire loads of sustainable search engine traffic


Your websites content will be constantly developed and fine tuned, so that it ranks organically on search engines like Google.


Establish what brings people to your website


Get statistics about the most valuable keywords on your website, see monthly search volume, trends and how much traffic they bring you.


Understand how your content is performing


We’ll track how your content ranks on Google search. Similarly you’ll see how it performs against competitors.

Social Media

Drive people to your website with content plans

Social Media

We’ll help you develop value adding content that informs and entertains, while communicating your brands key messages and personality.


Monitor progress with monthly KPI updates


Your monthly management report provides an insight into your websites SERPs appearance, with progress checks against your targets.

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Customised To Your Needs

Each package is assembled and priced purely around your objectives. So we provide exactly what you need to successfully operate, the latest digital marketing strategies in your business.

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What are Backlinks?2021-11-04T13:13:58+00:00

Links on websites other than your own that go back to a page on your website. Sometimes backlinks are called inbound links because they represent another website’s traffic coming to your own site.

When websites are optimised for search engines (SEO), the quality and quantity of backlinks is important. Good backlinks can help your website rank higher on SERPs with providers like Google and Bing. This is because your backlinks are considered an indicator of how popular your website is with users.

What are Cookies?2021-11-04T11:48:51+00:00
Cookies are files that hold information about you, your web browser and your activity on the internet. They are tiny files stored on your device, which can be used by websites to tailor your online experience.
Cookies are an essential part of the internet and widely used to improve the quality of digital marketing. They are not harmful and they don’t carry viruses or malware. You can find out about how we use cookies, by reading our cookie policy
What are SERPs?2021-11-03T12:22:04+00:00

The page that a search engine returns after a user submits a search query. In addition to its organic search results, search engine results pages (SERPs) usually include pay-per-click (PPC) adverts at the same time. Thanks to search engine optimisation (SEO), ranking positions on a SERP can be highly competitive, since users are more likely to click on results at the top of the page.

More than 90% of consumer internet traffic goes to websites that rank on the first page of Google search results. If your site doesn’t appear on page one, don’t worry. Because there are strategies that we can help you with, to boost your ranking. Check out our Digital Marketing Management Packages for more information.
What is PPC marketing?2021-11-03T12:21:34+00:00

PPC or pay per click is a type of digital marketing where advertisers only pay a fee when consumers click one of their adverts. In other words, you only pay for advertising if your ad is actually clicked on. It’s essentially a method of ‘buying’ visits to your website.

The most popular platforms currently offering this model are Bing, Google search and YouTube. Generally ads appear within search result pages (SERPs), next to the relevant organic results.

What is SEO?2021-11-03T12:20:51+00:00

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”. In simple terms, its the process of improving your website to increase its visibility on search engines. So that when people search for products or services related to your business, they find you.

The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely they will bring new visitors to your business. After all having a gorgeous looking website is all well and good, but if no one knows it exists, then what’s the point?

To rank highly on search engine results pages, it’s vital that web pages are formatted properly, with appropriate content. When we build websites, we make sure everything meets the latest SEO standards. Additionally, to help you stand out from the crowd on SERPs, we offer custom content management packages.
Do you offer ongoing website support?2021-10-18T17:37:13+01:00

Once your new website is live, for as long as you continue to want our help, we’re here to assist you. To continue the development of your site we offer a range of subscription services to cover hosting, domain, content and user experience management. Additionally we also offer coaching sessions that teach how to manage and post to your own website, without external dependency.

How much do you charge?2021-10-18T17:36:19+01:00

Six One Creative is proud to offer cost effective marketing to everyone, anywhere. Therefore, we have a price list for each of our core services and these can be downloaded using the button below. Your download will start once you’ve submitted your contact details.

Price List

We custom build our services around your needs. So for a free, no obligation quote, please call us or enquire using the form on our contact page. Then once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we can price your quote purely around your objectives.

Full Service Subscriptions.

For the best value for money we recommend taking out a service subscription package. Subscriptions offer the most cost effective marketing work and each period lasts for a calendar month. Our packages provide discounted rates on creative time, alongside a full service relationship with unlimited marketing advice.

Referral Rebates.

When existing clients introduce another business to Six One Creative. If it successfully results in a new client, we will pay a 5% rebate against your most recent invoice. Valid for up to one month after every invoice is presented.


We are registered in the United Kingdom with HMRC for VAT and therefore must add VAT to all our services. Our VAT number is GB134823127.

What is SEM?2021-10-18T17:30:02+01:00

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It’s is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that promotes your content at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google and Bing. The publisher of the ad pays a fee each time a user clicks on the paid search result.


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