What Does Being Environmentally Friendly
Mean For 6:1 Creative?

We're a Climate Positive Company

Businesses Must Step Up To
Halt Climate Change Now.

It’s no secret Earth needs reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Temperature changes of only a few degrees are already making a big difference to the future of our planet. So to put things right, every business must step up, take responsibility and rapidly become climate positive.

We Compensate Our
Entire Carbon Footprint.

We’re a climate positive company because we’re committed to a compensation program for the carbon generated by all our operations. But it’s not enough. So we also financially and morally challenge our business contacts to meet the same target.

Climate Positive Company

Become a Climate Positive Company.

To compensate our carbon footprint we’ve partnered with Ecologi. They invest our financial contributions in special projects that remove greenhouse gasses. More gas than our own footprint puts in. So, if you’re ready to become a climate positive company, click below before its too late! Join Ecologi today and get 30 bonus trees.


Our Environment Policy

We regularly review and improve our policy. You can browse and download the latest version below. It shares our promise to promote responsibility for the environment everywhere.

Last updated 11th April 2021