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Advertising Graphic Design For DIY Products

Advertising Graphic Design For DIY Products

By Published On: October 16th, 20201.8 min read

Recently we were asked to create some new advertising graphic design for Filltite and we’re proud to share the finished results with you. Our objective for this project has been to publicise the arrival of a new rapid drying filler product. Most importantly, because its timed to coincide with news about fresh pandemic restrictions this Autumn. We decided to get to work on something topical.

Advertising Graphic Design

Pandemic Restrictions.

Early Closing Time.

With plenty of Covid-19 restrictions and regular changes to the rules around them, its been a tough year for everyone. Similarly more restrictions this autumn, now require leisure venues to close early. In particular, instead of being able to operate during their normal opening hours, pubs everywhere must now close by 10pm. Consequently news reports about this have caused much interest and debate.

Highlighting Product Benefits.

It’s no secret that working people in the UK, including our target market, enjoy a social drink after a hard days work. Therefore after considering the time saving benefits of the new product, we thought this gave us the perfect opportunity to create a tongue in cheek advert.

Creating a 3D Composition.

Advertising Graphic Design Work.

Using Adobe Dimension, we’ve created an artificial scene for the advert. It incorporates various 3D product renders and directional lighting effects. The graphic design helps present viewers with the convincing image of a room, pictured towards the end of a working day. In other words, one where all the jobs are finished.

Your Time Has Never Been More Important.

To finish off the projects composition, a thoughtful headline about the importance of time, is coupled with the products speed benefits. And finally, in keeping with the tongue in cheek theme, we’ve subtly added a clock set to 10pm. Early closing time!

In conclusion we hope you’ll agree that, whilst the advert successfully draws attention to the product, it will also cause a feeling of solidarity with the brands customers.

Branding For Fill & Finish

The finished advert has been published in various consumer interest magazines, relating to the products target market. Additionally we’ve created web banner adverts, for display on affiliated websites.

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