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Radio Advertising For Adhesives

Radio Advertising For Adhesives

By Published On: September 23rd, 20161.8 min read

Last year we successfully rolled out new radio advertising for Hippos range of carpet protectors. Subsequently we’ve now written and produced a brilliant related advert for Hippo PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler. Our objective for their most important product, has been to create something equally as memorable.

Before The Football Starts.

Targeting UK Builders.

Hippo PRO3 is an impressive adhesive and sealant, however its relatively unknown within its target market. Therefore the intension of the new 30 second advert, is not just to build brand awareness. But to also leave professional builders in no doubt, that this product can cope with anything.

Hippo PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler

Colourful Characters

For this project we’ve decided to bring back two colourful characters who we first introduced in other Hippo advertising. Above all this will help create a halo effect for the brand and extend the commercials association with other campaigns.

Our catchy script uses the premise of an over demanding customer and the toils of a downtrodden tradesman. This troubled relationship is manipulated to produce a somewhat comical situation, for our adhesive and sealant.

When the customer demands everything finished before the football starts! The advert quickly highlights the products key features alongside its versatility.

You can listen to the the finished commercial on the the media player below.

Radio Advertising on talkSPORT

The World’s Biggest Sports Station

The finished ad is often broadcast nationally on talkSPORT radio. At the time of writing, talkSPORT has a weekly audience greater than 3 million. And their listener demographic is perfectly aligned to the building, decorating and DIY market.

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