Timed to coincide with the unfortunate covid-19 restrictions during Autumn 2020. We created this advert for Filltite to advertise the arrival of a new rapid drying filler product.

Press Advert

Early Closing Time.

During Autumn 2020, there were plenty of Covid-19 restrictions around in the UK. And one of those restrictions required pubs and restaurants to close early. Instead of being able to operate during their normal opening hours, they were forced to close early. Pubs everywhere had to close by 10pm, so it became the subject of much controversy. Because of this, closing time was regularly headline news with the media.

Consumer Press Advert

– Rapid Drying Filler.

Considering that our objective for the advert, was to communicate the products time saving benefits. And also considering our campaign would be in circulation during the period when restrictions were unlikely to change. We created this tongue in cheek advert to show solidarity with those who wanted to make the most of their leisure time!

The full page advert was published in printed consumer interest magazines, relating to the products target market. Additionally we created web banner adverts, which were displayed on their affiliated websites.

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