During a period of around 5 years we worked with Hippo to create, launch and develop a brilliant range of sealants and adhesives.

The UK sealant and adhesive retail market, is worth in excess of £175m each year. But throughout the last three decades, product innovations in the sector have been marred by poor execution. 

Confusing Retail Shelves.

– Naming Nonsense & Shopping Guess Work.

In bold attempts to compete with the competition. Marketing teams have stumbled down a confusing path, out naming and out claiming each other. In tit-for-tat attempts to win.

At the time of writing, retailers stock products with names like “The Dogs B*ll*cks,” “Sticks like Sh*t,” “Serious Stuff,” “Fix All,” and “The Works”. And some don’t even have names. Manufacturers opting instead for letters or numbers like “CT,” “OB,” “785,” and “EB”. Because of this, once everything is thrown together on a retailers shelf, shoppers are left to navigate a confusing mess. Everyone looses.

Product Development

Product Development.

– Task Coherence.

For Hippo our objective was simple. We had to be task focused, bring a sensible structure to the category and avoid product naming tit-for-tat.

Our strategy categorised products into task specific ranges.

New Sub Brands.

For sealing we created the sub brand SEALit and for sticking products, GRIPit was conceived. Better performing products, capable of sealing and sticking were developed as PRO.

Considering different technologies and their various performance levels. Each sub brand was launched with its own good, better and best architecture. This structure was reinforced on packaging by careful colour choice, iconography and feature lists.

Sealant and Adhesive Product Development

The PRO Range.

– Hippos’ Flagship Products.

Hippo PRO is all about product technologies that deliver, the best performance and most impressive results, in the fastest possible time.

High performance polymer technologies make superb sealant and adhesive products. But at the time of launch, the market had already seen its fair share of nonsense naming and exaggerated performance claims.

Mixing The Best Formulas.

For PRO, we’d already decided on a different approach. So we worked with the factory to produce three unique, high performance product formulas. Each had its own unique set of performance characteristics, which we benchmarked against competitors to make sure they met or exceeded the standard required. 

This made it possible to build the marketing for each product around its characterises. Focusing on consumer benefits, PRO1 would become the ultimate grab adhesive. PRO2 the ultimate sealant and PRO3 the ultimate utility tool.

Creating Super Heroes.

Each of the brands components would exist to support the idea of achieving a task, in the best possible way possible. And so each product would become a super hero. Excelling at one specific task, whilst remaining excellent at many others. 

We selected gold colour-ways to accentuate premium positioning and when packaging allows, these become metallic. Additionally products would be heavily supported by advertising to explain consumer benefits. And PRO3 would become the launch vehicle for new, disruptive packaging.

The Hippo SEALit Range.

– Brightly Coloured Merchandising.

For SEALit, while staying within brand guidelines, we carefully considered the relationship of each product to the wider Hippo range. For example, it was important to ensure they could be merchandised logically alongside PRO, GRIPit and the wider Hippo portfolio.

GRIPit Branding

Additionally we had to consider each products impact on shelves occupied by competitor products. And it was important to balance this with shopper expectations, so we decided to narrow the final range into smaller categories.

Location Based Colour Coding.

We opted to use each products packaging style to signal its suitability for tasks in a certain location. By using bright colour coding with location related imagery, we could meet the merchandising challenge to stand out. And importantly under pin our consumer objective, to remain task focused.

The Hippo GRIPit Range.

– Punchy Grab Adhesives.

We designed the packaging for GRIPit to visibly tie in with SEALit on retailer shelves. Green was chosen to designate grab adhesive, because of its association with category colours, already widely established in the market place.  

Good, Better & Best.

To encourage shopper trade ups and to aid their decision making. We developed a series of meaningful identifiers, located front and centre on the packaging of each product. High impact fists, punching from the inside out, while griping nails, screws and bolts, would clearly communicate the quality of each product.

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