We launched a new packaging sub brand, for Hippo’s sealant & adhesive range called ECO-PAC. The new packaging would challenge the categories established, mainstream brands, by disrupting the longstanding method for dispensing their products.

The primary objective was to grow category sales and brand share for Hippo’s PRO, GRIPit and SEALit ranges, within the professional market. We would achieve this by exploiting the physical, financial and environmental benefits of the new packaging. So we created ECO-PAC foil sausages.

The creation of a new sub brand, allowed Hippo to market what could become a generic form factor and make it their own. It would also improve their shelf presence within existing retailers and help gain better distribution by securing new stockists.

Grab Your Sausage

New Product Launch.

– Better For The Environment.

ECO-PACs are better for the environment because they simply take up less physical space. They create less carbon on their way into and out of the supply chain. Plus they are made from aluminium foil, not plastic.

Grab Your Sausage

The environmental benefits are huge for everyone.  So there would be few challenges selling ECO-PAC to large retailers and trade outlets, especially those with clear corporate social responsibility targets. But professional consumers represented a different challenge.

After researching examples of previously failed, environmentally friendly products in the building and DIY trade. We knew that most professionals understood the need to be more responsible.

However when they were offered new greener products, many were unlikely to embrace them, when changes to habitual activities were necessary. And especially if the benefits were exclusively environmental. So for ECO-PAC, creating an incentive was going to be important.

Grab Two Sausages Promotion

Grab Your Sausage.

– Embrace The Form Factor.

To embrace the new form factor and draw attention to it, we created an eye catching campaign headline: Grab Your Sausage. Then we developed a launch strategy for ECO-PAC built around three simple, equally important objectives

1. Share retailer & consumer financial benefits.

By providing retailers with a sales support package that included point of sale, off shelf displays and educational videos. They would benefit from Hippos promotional “noise”, because it would drive the sales of more profitable products within the category.

For consumers we would incentivise them by positioning the RSPs for key 400ml ECO-PAC products to match their 290ml plastic cartridge equivalent. So more product for the same price. All other ECO-PAC products would also be better value for money pro-rata. Everyone would benefit financially.

2. Share the environmental benefits

ECO-PAC was created to have dual meaning, better PACkaging both ECOnomically and ECOlogically. Once we’d addressed the financial benefits of the project strategy. Subtly driving home the environmental benefits would close the sale with consumers. And more importantly the combined effect, would force habitual change to the way sealants and adhesives were applied.

3. Celebrate the quality because theres a better way.

The launch strategy had to overcome just one negative factor. The dispensing method. Instead of cheap, low quality skeleton guns, synonymous with plastic cartridges. Sausages require something different, a cylinder gun which is slightly more expensive. However they are more durable, longer lasting and capable of dual use.

Grab Your Sausage

Research showed us that, because of poor build quality, most professionals regularly had to replace broken cartridge applicator guns.

So for ECO-PAC, rather than focusing on the need to use a new kind of gun, risking the creation of a non existent barrier to purchase. Our marketing strategy would be built around not drawing attention to it.

Instead the third objective of our strategy, would positively affirm, all elements of the new form factor. By educating consumers about its better quality, ease of use and all round suitability.

And so to achieve this, we produced the sales support package with a simple, underlying “theres a better way” message. Everything was then merchandised in retailers, alongside promotional incentives that put ECO-PACS and their new guns, directly into the hands of end users.

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