Giant Free Roaming Hippos

We worked with outdoor media provider DrivenMedia to create this high impact, advertising campaign. With a simple objective to broadly reach as many people as possible every day, the campaign was rolled out to a fleet of 10 HGV trucks.


Truck Advertising.

– Giant Moving Billboards.

The side curtains of each truck prominently featured giant Hippo branding, product imagery and their bigger, better performance tagline message. The rears displayed an advert from a concurrently running campaign.

Timed to coincide with the launch of new products from Hippo. Using GPS tracking data, the base location of each truck and its normal area of operations were tactically chosen.

This gave the campaign maximum possible coverage, in specially targeted areas of the country.

Reach & Dwell Time.

– Amplified During Heavy Traffic Congestion.

Each truck was fitted with its own GPS tracker, this meant that live positioning data was always available. By cross referencing this with other statistics, we were able to monitor each adverts impact. Typically the sides of each truck were seen 35,000 times per day and the rears 20,000.

During the course of the year long campaign, the trucks spent more than 13,000 hours, traveling on some of the busiest roads in the UK. Considering 91% of vehicle occupants actively notice truck adverts and there are 38 million registered vehicles on UK roads. The reach for Hippo was significant.

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