We created a new brand template for professional decorating brand Filltite. Then we developed and launched an amazing range of filling solutions, under a new sub brand called Fill & Finish.

Filltite Fill & Finish Branding - Classic

Fill & Finish.

– Developing a Great Idea.

Before this project, Filltite had a solitary product in its range. It was simply known simply as Fill & Finish and among its small but loyal customer base, it had a great reputation. With a proposition built around the products excellent performance attributes, helping decorators to finish various filling tasks, quickly and efficiently.

Original Fill & Finish arrived with excellent quality, produced in France using French ingredients. Among professional decorators the quality of French filler materials are highly regarded. So considering all this, we had a solid base from which to develop a range.

Filltite Fill & Finish Branding - Rapid

Product Branding.

– Creating a Packaging Template.

However Filltite lacked a real packaging template. Aside from its logo, the few existing products, didn’t consistently look like they belonged to the same family. So our first task was to produce a set of rules and a colour palette for artworks. Colours for each product and task were defined at the beginning, so that we’d avoid the risk of conflicts, further into the project.

Building Blocks.

The packaging template was built component by component. At the top of each pack would be a blue (Pantone 282) roof, to house the brand name. Below the brand logo a sweeping swoosh was created. It would underline the logo and provided an instantly recognisable look across all form factors of packaging.

Below we created an area to display the sub brand and each products name. Depending on the type of product, the background for this area would change colour. 

Filltite Fill & Finish Branding - Multi Purpose

Strong Foundations.

Using the packaging design, we wanted to convey an impression of strength and reliability for the brand. So the area to the bottom left of each pack, would be designed to reinforce this feeling. 

Extending from this corner, a darker background colour, would harmonise with the title area and cover a sharp angled slice effect. Created to complement the sweeping curves used in the other areas of the design. It subtly gives a nod towards slicing movements made by using, filling knives and tools. Finally to underpin the feeling of reliability from this area, we designated it for all salient product information and key features.

Creating a Window.

The final element of the template design was a brand blue area for the base with a small opposing swoosh, running away from the bottom right corner. The overall effect, frames each product with Filltite’s Pantone 282 colour scheme and completes the framework for a window.

Filltite Fill & Finish Branding - Super Fine

Running through the centre right of every product, the reveal behind this framework can be used to display photography, or alternatives on packaging when it’s not possible to use colour photography.

Design Flexibility

The finished template brings Filltite the capability to roll out consistent styling, across its entire product portfolio. When necessary, flexibility in the design makes it easy to augment additional elements into the look. Individual products can incorporate colour photography and there is no loss of impact, if alternatives are used, due to packaging print restrictions.

Filltite Fill & Finish Branding - Wood

Family of High Impact Individuals

Merchandised together, the template delivers a clean family look for its products. And contrary to the high impact appeal while grouped, it’s still possible to easily distinguish between each individual product. 

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