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Why SEO Services Outperform Paid Advertising

Why SEO Services Outperform Paid Advertising

By Published On: November 11th, 20215 min read

Why are SEO services so important? Isn’t it easier and less expensive to simply bring traffic to your website using PPC advertising? In this article, I’ll do my best to explain the importance of SEO campaigns and look at the long-term value of attracting organic traffic to your website.

SEO Marketing v PPC Advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the practice of optimising your pages to make them reach high positions in the organic search results of search engines like Google. These pages are often referred to as SERPs.


This type of advertising is a useful tool for promoting your website above these organic search results. The financial principal behind PPC is that an advertiser only pays whenever someone clicks on an advert.

Fundamentally both these practises cost time and money, so why invest in SEO services first? Below are five reasons why you should, partner with a good digital marketing agency, and invest in a long-term, holistic SEO marketing strategy:

Generate Loads of Traffic.

Search Results Get More Clicks Than Ads.

A successful SEO strategy can result in a lot of traffic! For example, if your site ranks high on Google’s result pages, it will result in a lot of organic traffic. This is because organic search results have a much higher click-through rate than advertisements in Google. Organic search drives more than half of website traffic, while paid search delivers less than a third.

Organic Search
Paid Search

Targeting The Top 10.

Being on the first page of Google, preferably as the first organic result, is search utopia. The first page of Google results account for all but just 8% of search traffic. And almost a third of all clicks, on page one, go to the first organic result. Once you get to the 10th (last) result on the first page, the click-through-rate drops to about 2.5%. So, this shows us that using a good SEO service provider, to ideally become one of the top results, will really payoff!

Analysis of Google Search Traffic.
Share of Clicks Made on First Page 92%
First Page Clicks From First Organic Result 32%
First Page Clicks From Last Result 3%

Search Audiences Are Highly Motivated.

People Know What They Want.

The most important thing about SEO is search intent. Audiences reached through search are highly motivated. This is because when people use a search engine, they are looking for something specific.

Search Audiences

For example, if a person searches for an exact brand and model of headphones or a certain vinyl album, they’ll probably want to buy those items. So, when they search, find accurate results, and click. Once they land on your website, they’re much easier to convince to buy your stuff.

SEO is a Sustainable Strategy.

Good Website Content Doesn’t Stop Ranking Overnight.

Advertising has never been a sustainable way to bring traffic to a website. This is because when you exclusively use tactics like PPC, you’ll need to keep doing it, which means you’ll always be paying to attract new traffic.

SEO is a long term strategy which takes time, but it’s also a sustainable strategy. Because, unlike a cancelled PPC campaign, a good website with quality content and brand authority, will not stop ranking overnight.

Global Privacy

Global Privacy Law Changes.

In the future attracting the right audience through targeted advertising may well become more difficult and expensive. Currently powerful Audience Management and retargeting techniques are profitable digital marketing tactics. However, chances are that bringing targeted traffic to your website using these methods, will be made more complicated by stricter global privacy laws.

On the other hand, SEO is a rather straightforward strategy, which will not be altered by privacy laws as much. For that reason, it would be a good thing to start investing in SEO services now. That way you’ll have a head start over your competition, who are still (only) doing ads.

High-Quality SEO Services Are Now Essential.

Google Search is Getting Smarter.

Good SEO marketing has always been important, but it’s becoming more and more essential. That’s because over time, as Google search develops, it’s getting smarter. Clever AI powered algorithms are helping it become better and better at understanding human language.

New Technologies.

In the future, as these new technologies come online, well-constructed website content, offering rich results with better relevance, will rise to the top. Cowboy SEO shortcuts, hacks and poorly written content will be quickly weeded out. Don’t get downgraded! Now is the time to start working on your search optimisation.

Beware of Cowboys.

Unfortunately, ever since the arrival of search engines, the internet has been plagued by dishonest, self-entitled ‘SEO Experts’. For instance, whilst guaranteeing unrealistic results, they’ll bamboozle clients with jargon. Eventually wearing them down to a point where unreasonable, up-front fees are handed over. Consequently, cowboys have bestowed a reputation for SEO services that make it seem something of a dark art. But it’s not!

Content Management Service

Content Management

Website Search Optimisation & Administration

Content Management Service

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High Return on Investment.

Expenditure That Keeps Paying Off.

An SEO marketing strategy may appear to be a bit more work than setting up an advertising campaign. And it won’t deliver immediate results. But in the long run, it’s an important, cost-effective strategy for bringing quality traffic to your website.

SEO Investment

With SEO, not only is the average conversion rate higher, but it’s also an investment that keeps paying off. It’s always ‘on’ and although you’ll have to update your content from time to time, you won’t have to pay to keep it in the search results.

Keep The Benefits.

If your content is good and making sure that your website is accessible and easy to use, search engines will display it on their results pages. This means that you’ll continue to see the benefits long after your initial investment.

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